Lista Consulting 
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Policy analysis, development and evaluation Stakeholder engagement and consultation

Applying in-depth knowledge and understanding of:

  • How policy works in practice and the machinery of government
  • How to assess the costs and benefits of options
  • How to evaluate the extent to which policy is achieving its intended outcomes.

Independent evaluations that provide decision makers with the qualitative and quantitative evidence to make informed decisions.

Development of proposals with forward thinking that considers implementation impacts and builds in the need for transition.

Drawing on stakeholder expertise and transparently informing policy options through:

  • Careful listening and articulation of diverse stakeholder views
  • Early identification of issues to be resolved
  • Working collaboratively to identify solutions.

Skilled in research and consultation that uncovers and distils evidence using structured interviews, focus groups, roundtables, public consultations, surveys, case studies and literature reviews.


Strategic planning and facilitation Developing and implementing regulatory reform

Skilled at facilitating conversations that assist Boards and senior management to clarify their organisations’ objectives and strategies.

Working with groups of diverse membership to identify common interests and goals.

Thorough research and analysis to inform regulatory reform proposals that understand the impacts on business, consumers and governments and the need to set regulation at the right level to achieve objectives without unnecessary burden.
Organisational change and development Written reports and presentations
Applying lengthy senior executive experience in leading major organisational change to advise organisations on good practice change management.

Expert advice on human resources policy, systems and practice and good practice grievance investigation.

Thorough and plain English writing and presentations that provide transparency for stakeholders and decision makers and offer practical and achievable options that have been well tested and validated.